go-kart driver who stands on the podium becomes a celebrity. They are praised for their ability to drive a go-kart at breakneck speeds. But it’s not as easy as it seems. They have to undergo months of training, failures, and crushes. Fortunately, you too can become a classic go-kart driver if you follow the following tips.

Don’t Lean In

Going around a corner when driving a go-kart is one of the most daunting activities. Some drivers decide to lean their body forward and have a better view of the road ahead. However, this is a mistake because the extra weight on the wheel slows down the go-kart. If you want your kart to move faster, you must avoid leaning forward. Instead, you should sit straight and square so that you can distribute your weight throughout the kart.

Be Comfortable

Before you start the engine, you must adjust your sitting position. Go-karts have a lever that you can use to adjust your position to get comfortable. Your seat position is important. Most drivers feel comfortable when they are sitting near the pedals. Sitting near the pedals also allows them to control the go-kart without straining their limbs.

Monitor the Line

Don’t try to be creative. The best way to achieve maximum speed is to follow the racing line. If you shift from one line to another, you will lose your momentum. Additionally, you will end up covering extra distance.

Experienced drivers can travel from the beginning to the end of the race without changing lanes. The trick is to go around each corner without shifting lanes.

Don’t Linger

While you may not maintain a constant speed, you must try to keep moving forward. Maintaining a high speed is a great skill that many experienced drivers, such as Vettel and Hamilton, have mastered. The trick is to control your go-kart using the over-steer and the under-steel.

Another thing you can do to maintain a high speed is to brake at the right time. You must survey your route and determine the best braking point. Stepping on the break at the wrong time will affect your momentum and lower your speed. Therefore, you should approach every corner with caution because this is where most people lose their momentum.

Avoid Stepping on Both Pedals at the Same Time

It isn’t easy to maintain your cool in a go-kart, but you must avoid stepping on the accelerator and brake simultaneously. If you do that, you will cause slower lap times and increase spin-outs. In some cases, stepping on both pedals at the same time may bring your go-kart to a complete stop.

It would be best to handle your pedals with skill and caution because failure to get the right grip can lead to lower corner exits. You should also watch out for the rear and make sure that it does not go in front of you.

Take an Early Lead

Taking an early lead has many advantages. First, it prevents a slow driver from standing in your way and preventing you from gaining maximum speed. You need to take advantage early on by overtaking slow drivers. The best way to achieve this is to identify slow drivers before the game starts and leaving them behind when the game starts.

Reduce Your Kart’s Weight

Your acceleration is inversely proportional to the amount of weight you are carrying. It would help if you reduced your total weight by wearing light clotting instead of heavy jackets and sports shoes. The ideal clothes to wear are trainers and T-shirts.

Moves Smoothly

The world of racing is not ideal for the faint-hearted. Only the brave will overcome all obstacles and reach the finishing line. Coward drivers tend to step on the brakes every few minutes. They are afraid to speed too much and cause an accident.

The best way to overcome this is by avoiding late-breaking. Instead, it would be best if you started breaking from a considerable distance before reaching a corner. Smooth braking will lead to an easy transition.

Don’t Pressure Yourself

Taking it easy and nice is a good idea. You have to apply the right amount of force if you want to go around a corner without any problems. Keeping this in mind will help you with a firmer grip on the wheel.

However, you should avoid placing too much weight on the wheel. You should relax and alternate your wrists from time to time. Before joining the race, take some time off, invite some friends, and watch outside. This becomes easier if you prefer backyard cooking.

Enjoy Yourself

Taking part in a race is not a matter of life and death. If you don’t win this time, you will have more opportunities in the future. The best thing you can do is have fun.

Keeping a clear head and staying away from stress and anger will enhance your decision-making process. You’ll be more alert and quick to respond to any unexpected occurrences.

Apply the Right Amount of Pedal Power

The left pedal lowers the speed of the go-kart, and the right pedal increases its speed. Unless you are driving on a rough road, you shouldn’t press the brake and accelerator simultaneously.

Applying too much pressure on the accelerator will increase your speed and vice versa. Similarly, applying too much pressure on the brake will lower your speed. The real genius is in knowing the right amount of pressure.

Cornering Techniques

Races are won and lost at corners. It would be best if you approached the corner from a position parallel to the bend. For instance, when approaching a left-hand turn corner, you should approach it from the far right.

Approaching a corner from its far side straightens the curve while increasing your acceleration. This strengthens your speed while providing constant stability. However, before making the turn, you must put maximum pressure on the inside apex. If you manage to accomplish this maneuver without any hiccups, you will gain a perfect turn.

Conclusion Go-kart racing is a sport that you must approach with caution, patience, hard work, and dedication. These tips will put you on the right foot. Go out and have fun.